Are you ready? 

Let see whether you have what it takes...

It wouldn't be fun if all you needed to become a "b.ro" was to pay for the frameset.

Our owners must prove their love for the sport by completing a qualification course of their choice. Anyone can participate (no obligation to buy a titanium frameset the day after :).

 The rules: 

. Your ride must be in Asia.

. no loop allowed.

. Share with us the Strava page of your ride.

. Take at least 5 pictures along the way to show us the best parts/ roads/ sceneries.

. Allow us to feature your ride and invite other riders to give it a try.

. You don't have to ride a metal frame to participate. Pick your best local routes only.


As a reminder, we are starting with a basic requirements of +/-120km and +/-1500m of elevation. To level the playing field, we've prepared a google spreadsheet where the distance to ride is adjusted according to the elevation. If you do more than 1500m of climbing, you'll need less distance to qualify.  At the contrary, if you climb less, the distance increases. The table is accessible on mobile so feel free to consult it anytime.

We reserve the right to increase the difficulty and we will assuredly take this right as our brand is getting better known.

So one advice: hurry up! :-)

INSTRAGRAM hashtag#baroodeurchallenge 

PS: The best of the 3 first submissions per country will receive a baroodeur cap for free.

 Riding invitation/inspiration 


Hong Kong

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