Hong Kong weekend rides? 

Hong Kong island: the qualifier,


Here is a possible route to make the qualification. It goes through most the iconic climbs on the island. What we have not done in distance has been compensated in elevation. You are in for a good sweat :-)

Start and finishes at the bottom of Stubbs Road, Wan Chai district.

It's recommended to start early (6:30am) to avoid the traffic later in the morning.

Tai Mo Shan,


This second route will take you to Tai Mo Shan country park and you will climb the highest mountain in HK (937m). This is an excellent second day ride with scenic views and challenging climbs (45km - 1600m in total). All traffic free.

The two rides are just enough for an excellent cycling weekend in Hong Kong.

Start: MTR, Tsuen Wan station, Exit B2.

Feel free to submit other routes, those two are just good examples.

After the ride, you may visit Rapha Clubhouse in Soho. Someone will always be interested to hear about your experience :)

We are looking forward to hearing from you, 

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