Our T8 road frame is built around a meticulous selection of titanium tubes and design elements. The geometry keeps the handling fast and nimble. It provides stiffness and comfort for a rewarding ride.


We use Titanium 3AI - 2.5V Grade 9 for the frame with a 6/4 dropout (+ removable aluminum hanger).


Our tubes are butted 6 times to obtain 3 layers of thickness (1.1 / 0.84/ 0.7mm -Triple butted). A loong in-house procedure which has several advantages:

- Full control of the manufacturing process: from tube making to frame building. 

- Tubes are made to be very consistent to increase their strength, eliminate hazard, comply with ISO 4210's fatigue test. 

- By shaping and shaving the tubes in key areas, the frame is engineered to optimize the geometry and  achieve specific goals in terms of stiffness, lightness and behavior.

Hey, did we tell you we ONLY use the best-in-class Asian manufacturers? Proudly made in Taiwan!


Baroodeur's premium carbon fork weights a mere 320g and perfectly complements a relatively light frame.

Our signature is the personalised paintjob. Brushed Titanium remains visible on the rear triangle of the frame while our pattern allows you to mix colours of your choice for a perfectly unique bike.

Key points

  • Titanium 3AL-2.5V, Triple butted.

  • 6AL4V dropout (removable AL hanger)

  • Seamless cold-worked and stress relieved tubes.

  • Caliper brakes (it’s a classic)

  • External routing

  • Up to 25c tyres

  • 44mm ovalized down tube

  • 44mm headtube

  • List of compatible headsets

  • 27.2mm seat post size

  • BB BSA 68

  • QR wheels

  • Paintwork to choice

  • Weight: 1400g+



 PaINT Scheme

A bicycle is an object of desire. On the road, it delivers a lots of fun. At home, we often can't help but cast a glance at it.

With the T8, we have adopted a minimalist approach in regards to design and branding. Each frame is custom painted and our brand name discreetly integrates in your design choice.


We rely on the frame and fork pattern for connoisseurs to identify a "baroodeur".

Our template is composed of 3 color blocks:

- Frame colour

- Top Tube colour block

- Down Tube colour block: either same than top tube OR with a fading effect.

Fork colours are inherited from frame's colours.






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You have a fancy paint scheme ideas? Let's discuss!

bespoke Titanium bicycle


For more racy geometry, we recommend our custom service. Please inquire for information and lead time.




 Colour Blocks


 Main Frame Colour 

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