Who are you? 


My name is Marc. I live in Hong Kong and I am originally from France. For the most part, I worked in the quality control industry. Riding bikes is a passion that follows me from a young age. It was time to do something about it…


I have searched the best suppliers in Asia to make an outstanding frameset. It took me some time to try, reject and select the ideal partners but now this is it. The production is sorted out, time to build a kickass boutique brand!


We'd love to gather like-minded people around this project and create across Asia a community where each owner is a representative of his local culture & Cycling culture. Through quirky photos, videos or else, we can show the world what Asia is about and how interesting is her cycling scene.


If you fancy contributing in any way (design, photos, videos, etc), feel free to contact us. We'd like to hear from you.

What does "baroodeur" mean?


It is a french word which is given to those who breakaway from the peloton for a long ride, alone or with a handful of guys.

The french spelling is as follow: "baroudeur".  Instead of "OU" we are using double "O" - baroodeur"


How did baroodeur come about? 


I was in the market for a steel or titanium frame. I thought it would be cool to ride one and I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. To me, metal frames are daddy's bike, timeless and glamorous at the same time.


So I was looking for a reasonably priced frame from a brand who would not put their name on every tube and would have character. Surprisingly it wasn’t easy to find. I ended up buying an American frameset but the experience with the company has been disastrous. I’ve never rode the frame (didn’t feel like it) and I set myself a goal to deliver a better product with a better customer experience and to proudly do it from Asia.



Why Titanium? 


Primarily for the look and feel. 


Making a quality steel frame would have certainly implied the use of Italian tubes (Columbus). Assembling them over here would have lack authenticity. In the far east, we have excellent Titanium suppliers and also one of the best bicycle Titanium tube maker in the world.  


Technically, Titanium tubes are lighter than steel’s. Ti is also less stiff than steel's but thanks to shapes and larger diameter tubes, we can dial the stiffness to the perfection. (Larger diameter tubes does not necessarily means heavier tubes as we triple butt the tubes to keep the weight down) 



Why riding titanium over Carbon? 


You don’t have the same ride quality between the two materials. Ti frames tend to erase the small vibrations induced by surface irregularities. Some say, it’s “magic carpet” smooth! 


Our credo is not your racing bike. Carbon frames are better at that. A Titanium is like a convertible car, it’s all about the riding experience.

A baroodeur is a perfect N+1. 



Will you make a disc brake version? 


Probably but not now.  

. Disc brakes add weight to the bike. On carbon bikes it’s ok but on Ti, it’s no so negligible, especially if like us, you ride mountains. 

. Your next carbon road bike will certainly have disc brakes and we think that putting your older gear on a Ti frame with caliper brakes is an excellent way to continue using your gears while experiencing with a new "classic bike"! 



Where do you want to take baroodeur? 


We aim at building a group of like minded people to ride on a unique bike, one that reflects the owner’s personality and set him apart either through his performance and/or creative skills:


  1. Each buyer needs to qualify by completing a course of his choice and share it (more on this later). 

  2. Our mission is to empower our community to explore on two wheels, interact with the locals and share the fun to portrait Asia from a cyclist’s perspective.



Baroodeur is kind of a lifestyle brand made for experienced cyclists who can ride hard or far but most importantly ride regularly for fun! They're not afraid of not riding the lightest bike or the most expensive one because they're confident in their own ability. 

Being more selective with our owners is to be certain that we all can ride at a decent pace together. In addition, it gives our customer a status money can't buy...


You know where to find the vessel, so "why join the navy when you can be a pirate"? (Steve Jobs).

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