Each Ti frameset is one-of-a-kind 

 "Roll the atTItude" 

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 More than a Titanium frame 

Baroodeur brings together experienced riders and bicycleheads turned road discoverers. 

Weekend heroes with no fear of riding steep, high, long or challenging roads. Cyclists who favor the journey rather than the segment performance.

Baroodeur is not another “faster, lighter, techier” type of bicycle brand. Our credo is your N+1: The convertible of cycling, the beauty after the beast, Titanium frame vs Carbon.

We proudly develop baroodeur out of Hong Kong and we ride across Asia as much as we can. Join us to build an alternative vision of what cycling is about in the the Far East! 


 Uniquely yours 

The aesthetic of a classic-looking bike never goes out of fashion. We chose Titanium as our material of choice. It's beautiful, light and provides an outstanding ride quality.

Ti frames are usually not painted. Consequently most ti frames look alike.

We propose to add a contemporary and colorful paint scheme to reflect each bicycle owner's unique character. Choose your colours and we'll make sure your bike will be absolutely unique.

 The b.rothers club  

Baroodeur is born out of a desire to have a good looking bike in the hand of serious and fun riders. If you ride one, we’ll know you mean business. You have legs of steel, you're curious about metallic bikes and want to experience a modern titanium frame - carbon fork combinaison.

Qualify by sharing a loop of 120km+ with at least 1500m of elevation. Your ride will be available to other owners as an invitation to come and visit you.

If you can’t qualify yet, hit the road on your regular bike and hopefully we'll be riding together soon.

One more thing, if you already ride steel or Ti frames, follow us on FB to stay updated on future weekend adventures on metallic frames, of course! (You no need to own a baroodeur to join!)

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